Curiosity never killed this cat, but love could have deadly consequences.

Sasha Soskoff has two reasons for moving to Chicago: secure a tenured position in veterinary research medicine, and widen his horizons. After a night at the city’s hottest new club, though, a wrong turn down a dark alley narrows his focus to surviving three muggers. As consciousness fades, he catches a glimpse of his rescuer, whose mere appearance is enough to chase the attackers off.

Neal Harrison doesn’t often have to call on his skills as an ex-Marine to maintain control at his club. But with Sasha, he can’t seem to keep his hands to himself. Yet there’s danger in allowing any close relationships, particularly with a naïve young newcomer. The safety of his business depends on the iron-clad secret he and his ex-Marine buddies all hide.

While Neal seems happy to satisfy Sasha’s insatiable curiosity about the erotic scenes played out in the club’s private rooms, Sasha senses his new lover is holding something back.

When the truth claws its way out amid a night of tribal blood and violence, Neal discovers his lover has a secret of his own. And that the forces arrayed against them all could make a mugging look like a walk in the park…

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In the course of her police work, Belinda is assigned a new partner - the third one since her beloved partner Monica's death. Belinda plays it cool and tries to pretend they were all business, but everyone around her sees the pain she's in - even if she can't. The "new guy," Jon Taylor is everything Monica wasn't: a former profiler for the Chicago Police Department, no-nonsense, and a model cop. He just might be the partner, and friend, that Belinda needs.

Brock Gary is Belinda's twin, but couldn't be more different. An artist and Priest for the Gary Covens, Brock flaunts his magic and his uniqueness. He doesn't understand why Belinda insists on hiding but doesn't push her to move faster than she wants to. Then he meets her new partner, Jon, and is suddenly a lot more interested in Belinda's work than usual - and it doesn't help that their current case needs Brock's unique skills. This puts Brock and Jon in close contact, and Brock wants it to be even closer.

But Jon has a secret. He came to Madison to work for Lieutenant Sandillo and his team, but will Brock discover what he hopes to hide? And what consequences will there be for Belinda when she finds out?

As tensions develop between Brock and Jon, several mysterious and magical daggers are stolen. Each theft escalates in violence, leading the police - and the Gary Covens - to realize the thief will stop at nothing to gain them all. Will the Gary family be safe when it's discovered they have one of the coveted daggers? Will Jon be able to keep his focus on his police work and not on the developing tension between him and his parnter's brother? And will Belinda be able to move past Monica's death and step into her birthright?

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