Tools for Managing Challenges, Like Stress

Like the title says, I've come across tools for managing different challenges. While not every tool works for every person, I figured that these are varied enough that something might work for other people. Enjoy!

"5 Tips for Planning a Mini-Vacation; or, The Seduction of Birthdays" ~NEW~

My husband's birthday was Tuesday, and it's a milestone year for him (meaning one of the fives or tens, but no, I'm not telling you - a lady never says her age, or the age of her paramour; you shouldn't have asked...). It got me thinking about mini-vacations. more>>

"On the Rails" ~NEW~

I write this railside in Washington, D.C. We are waiting for our train to Florida and the wi-fi isn't connecting us. I'm posting this via cell modem using my friend's iPhone as a mobile hotspot.

How do you connect to the internet? You must do so to read this, and as such, we are a minority among the citizens of the world. Do you remember before you used the internet? Or did you grow up with it and, like electricity, take it for granted? more>>

"Squeezing It In: 5 Tips for Overstressed Neterati" ~NEW~

The best thing about the internet is that now we have ebooks. We can take an ebook reader with us on vacation, buy books from practically anywhere that has a wifi connection, and take a prodigious stack of reading material anywhere without needing to see the chiropractor (or, frankly, resembling that bag lady down on the corner).

Okay, so now we have ebook readers, smart phones, computers, purses with lists, and the ubiquitous sticky note.

Then how come we're STILL not getting everything done? more>>

"A Tool to Tame Entropy" ~NEW~

Someone reminded me recently, entropy is the natural state of things. It's the state toward which things are inclined, so it is, in fact, inevitable. Thus, taking from the old standby, the Serenity Prayer, we know that we need the serenity to accept the things we cannot change, the courage to change the things we can, and the wisdom to know the difference.

Assuming we can apply that wisdom, and have figured out which things we can't change, what about those things that entropy affects but that we CAN change? What do we do then? more>>

"The Artist's Way Session III" ~NEW~

We are starting our Artist's Way workshop, Session III, over at the Writer's Retreat. I'm excited. I find that I create more, both in terms of writing and textile arts, when I am working through the exercises. The focus on play is enormously helpful to me.

I think that living in a Puritanical culture really drums it into our heads at a young age that play is frivolous. It's sad. Robert Louis Stevenson even felt so, and wrote an essay, "An Apology for Idlers." It's a fun read. In it, he postulates that 'idlers,' as he calls it, have time to sit and think about life and philosophy, which he feels is a noble pursuit. The endless questing after more things to do is, in his estimation, one of the ills of society. more>>

"Twin Realities" ~NEW~

As we head into what shows every sign of being a prolonged period of economic stress, it pays to look to our own houses and make sure they are ready to weather the coming storm. As writers, we must be sure to keep our spiritual and emotional house in order so that we may continue to create. It is the times of challenge that show us where our weak points are, the cracks in our armor that let the wind in; the leaks in the roof that send drips down on our heads. These don't need to be as onerous if we just remember the universal principle of the power of thought. more>>

"The Peripatetic School" ~NEW~

So. What does peripatetic have to do with writing? Good question. I was reading Julia Cameron's work and she commented that several writers belong to the "peripatetic school." My first thought was, what the heck is peripatetic? Then it was, what does walking have to do with writing? more>>

"What To Do When Stress Rears Its Head: Four Simple Tools Anyone Can Use" ~NEW~

Those of you who have read my blog recently, know that I was stranded in Minnesota a few weeks ago. I want to share some of the tools that kept me calm and able to function to the best of my ability during this experience. more>>

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